Uganda Bugisu Bulaago Trianon Coffee

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This direct trade coffee has wonderful vanilla notes with dried stone fruit sweetness. It is heavy bodied, but easily drinkable. In the cup, this coffee has sweet cherry and chocolate aromas.

Flavor notes: vanilla, raisins, prunes, cola.

Ugandan coffee from the Bugisu region is known for its sought after washed Arabica varietals. In its heart is the Buzabiti District and Mt. Elgon. Coffees harvested near the Bulaago village is known as some of the best quality coffee on the mountain, however the farmers haven't yet achieved the recognition and reward the flavors of their outstanding coffees truly deserve.

Crop to Cup is a direct trade importer working with local agricultural partners on a system to help the farmers raise awareness for their coffees. "The Bulaago Project builds a system through which farmers receive higher compensation and support ... in exchange for taking the extra steps to produce top-lot, high scoring specialty grade coffee." (Crop to Cup)