Conference Space


Come get work done here at Trianon Coffee.

Reservations are NOW REQUIRED to use our private conference spaces. Confirm your reservation 24 hours a day by booking online with the links below:

Large Room -- Reserve Now (starts at $20/hour)

Small Room -- Reserve Now (starts at $10/hour)


Trianon Coffee large conference room 

Our reservable conference rooms are great spots for meetings, classes, or work. We have (2) private two conference space options available. Browse our calendars for each room to see current available times.

  • Great Lighting
  • Better Wifi
  • Locally Roasted Coffee
  • Yummy tacos, bagels, & sandwiches
  • Large whiteboard for collaborating (large room only)
  • Sliding doors for privacy
  • Large Conference Room: seats 10-12, starts $20/hour + $5 for each additional half hour
  • Small Conference Room: seats 4 maximum, starts at $10/hour + $5 for each additional half hour



    All reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the event. 

    Outside food and drink are not allowed. Coffee and snacks from our kitchen can be pre-ordered and added to your reservation up to 24 hours in advance. Please see our Catering Menu for more information.

    To schedule your event, please click the calendar links above or choose your room to begin:

    View Large Conference Room Calendar

    View Small Conference Room Calendar


    We reserve the right to deny the use of the conference rooms for any reason. We also reserve the right to cancel reservations at will.

    Longer reservations and multi-day events are available upon request.

    If you are a tax-exempt organization and need to submit your exemption certificate, or if you are seeking a donation of conference space, please contact the Manager using the form below for assistance.