Tanzania Peaberry

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This Tanzania is a bold peaberry coffee with a bright citrus acidity.

Our current varietal is a fully washed Tanzania Kilimanjaro Mwika North Peaberry from Crop to Cup importers. It highlights the wonderful high-quality coffee available from the small farmers of Southern Tanzania. 

This Tanzania Mwika has bergamot and dark chocolate flavor notes with a nice minerality and bright key lime acidity.

Grower: Mwika North AMCOS
Variety: Bourbon, Kent, and N39
Region: Kilimanjaro
Harvest: July - August
Altitude: 4700 - 5000
Process: Fully Washed


From Crop to Cup Importers:

"...[O]ver the coming years the world will be more familiar with specialty coffees - and not just Peaberries - coming out of Tanzania's Southern Highlands.

This is a story in which anyone can take part. Simply start paying attention to coffees from Southern Tanzania. As more people pay attention to the wonderful work done by these small farmers, they will be better able to deliver a diverse range of high-quality regional lots."