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Sumatra Natural Coffee Home Delivery

This fruity natural process Sumatra Coffee has sweet notes of passion fruit, kumquat, and bubble gum. As long as our Sumatra "Supervolcano" Honey Processed Coffee is out of stock, this is a great alternative for a sweet, natural brew. 

Sumatra Natural Process Coffee

We locally roast this natural process coffee in Austin, Texas to a perfect medium to bring out it's subtle sweet flavor notes. This crop from Sumatra is one of the best we've ever tasted. It brews delicious, balanced coffee as drip brew or as an espresso. We also recommend brewing this coffee as a pour-over also to bring out its best aromas.



Grower: Koperasi ALKO | 476 members | CV. Yudi Putra
Variety: Andung Sari
Region: Kerinci District, North Sumatra, Sumatra, Indonesia
Harvest: November - February | May - August
Altitude: 1300 – 1650 masl
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: Full natural and dried in the sun on elevated tables 

With Indonesian coffees, half the battle is overcoming logistical challenges like rugged roads and unpredictable torrents of rain. Thankfully, we can count on Yudi Putra who owns and operates a family owned export company that collaborates with farmers to overcome these challenges to swiftly bring the coffee to the international market, ensuring greater earnings from direct trade relationships.

This particular lot comes from a longstanding relationship with a cooperative called Koperasi ALKO, which has 476 members who cultivate on small family owned plots of land located around Mount Kerinci, the highest volcano in Indonesia. The cooperative works closely with producers to decrease forest encroachment. Their farm management practices create a protective buffer for the Kerinci Seblat national park, which encircles the entire Kerinci valley with unparalleled natural beauty and habitat for the Sumatran Tiger.

During the harvest, producers deliver their cherry to the Koperasi mill where it is sorted and meticulously dried on raised beds. The dried coffee is delivered to Yudi Putra, which takes great care in managing traceability and preparation for export.

Sumatra Natural Coffee to Your Door

All Trianon coffee is locally roasted in Austin, Texas. Coffee ships directly to your door. Family-owned. Community minded. Fast Shipping.

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