Stay-At-Home Survival Pack

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#StayAtHome Survival Pack Coffee Delivery

Freshly roasted in small batches, our Stay-at-Home survival pack contains 4 weeks worth of premium coffee delivered to your door. Fast shipping within the continental US and hand-delivery in the Austin, TX area.

Each pack contains 4 different varieties of coffee (one pound each), and come in the following packs.

The Medium Roasts - All Organic Premium Coffee to Your Door

4lbs for $58

These four single origin coffees are from countries all across the globe. Each is carefully roasted in small batches, by hand, to bring out the best in the coffee beans.

  • Organic Peru - Mellow acidity, medium body, sugar cane sweetness, with hints of ripe plum and roasted hazelnut. Fair Trade & Bird Friendly.
  • Organic Mexico - Medium light body and acidity. Subtle chocolate notes in the cup. Certified Fair Trade & Organic.
  • Organic Papua New Guinea - A creamy brew with light citrus notes and a full body in the cup.
  • El Salvador Honey - Medium body. Orangsicle flavor with a clean finish.


The Dark Roasts - Premium Coffee Home Delivery

4lbs for $63

These carefully curated coffee beans shine when dark roasted. They create a bold and balanced brew while showing off all the robust flavors you can only get from a deeply, yet thoughtfully, roasted bean.

  • Barista Blend - This blend of five different coffees is a favorite in the shop. Designed to brew a balanced and drinkable cup. Great for any filtered brew method such as drip or pourover. A customer favorite for over 10 years.
  • Ethiopia Dark - Our boldest dark roast. Floral, herbal character really shines through in this washed coffee.
  • Sumatra Dark - Heavy bodied and smooth. Earthy and smoky. A classic dark wet-hulled Indonesian.
  • Organic Espresso - A very close analog to our regular Espresso with an eye toward balancing body acidity and sweetness using 100% organic beans.


The Decaf Pack - Premium Decaf Coffee Delivery

4lbs for $63

This pack includes our popular decaf coffees, including traditional German and swiss water processed, that sacrifice none of the quality coffee-lovers crave. Unlike other roasters who offer decaf only as an afterthought, we focus on providing exceptional quality and flavor with every single decaf bean we select.

  • Organic Decaf Mexico - Very clean, mild acidity. This is a great daily decaf coffee that is smooth and drinkable. Royal Select from Chiapas.
  • Decaf Ethiopia - This delicious water process decaf features classic Ethiopian blueberry flavors as well as blackberry and subtle jasmine floral notes.
  • Decaf Colombia - Well balanced, medium body, clean finish. Dark chocolate, lemon, and honey flavor notes. Royal Select Swiss Water Process.
  • Decaf Espresso - Medium-dark roast blend. The character of the varietals shines through, and your espressos and lattes are not dominated by smoke tones.

The Coffee Snob Pack - Gourmet Coffee Home Delivery

4lbs for $68

Four pounds of premium fresh-roasted beans from our newest and favorite origins. This collection features the best of what Trianon has to offer and is ideal for anyone looking for unique coffees to try. It features one of our best-selling honey-processed coffees from Costa Rica and Tanzania, as well our hottest new arrivals.

  • Kenya Peaberry - Bright and juicy with notes of pineapple and raspberry.
  • Mexico Natural Honey - NEW! Honey processed. Full bodied & complex with smooth honey molasses and light fruit.
  • Timor-Leste Organic Ermera Eratoi - This is deliciously clean coffee with subtle floral notes and intense sweetness with hints of caramel, vanilla, and honey with a balanced citric acidity.
  • Organic Ethiopia Natural - A very clean natural coffee from Hambela Estate with lush & sweet fresh berry flavors.

Monthly coffee subscriptions available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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