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This special washed Hawaiian coffee is a direct trade lot from the Ka'u Coffee Mill. It is rich, smooth, and full bodied. The slightly sweet flavor has hints of pecan and is balanced with a bright lime acidity.

Premium Hawaiian Ka'u Coffee

The Ka'u Coffee Mill is in the district of Kaʻu on the Island of Hawaii. As a fundamental sponsor of the Ka'u Coffee Festival and other community organizations, the mill is a valuable local business for the Pahala and Wood Valley districts. By providing job opportunities, new tourism interest, and investing in renewable hydroelectric infrastructure, the Ka'u Coffee Mill is cultivating connections within the local business community and attracting international recognition.

In the early 2000s, Kā‘u coffee began proudly showing its strength in cupping events worldwide; a number of small farms in Kā‘u began garnering awards. In 2009, the first Kā‘u Coffee Festival was successfully launched, demonstrating coffee to be a tradition of agriculture that will undoubtedly extend Kā‘u into both a promising economic and ecologic future.

Grower: Ka'u Coffee Mill
Variety: Arabica
Region: Kaʻu district on the Island of Hawaii
Harvest: by hand, late Summer - early Spring
Altitude: 1000' - 2500'
Soil: Volcanic
Process: Washed

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