Mexico Natural Honey

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Mexico Natural Honey Processed Coffee Home Delivery

This uniquely processed coffee from Vera Cruz, Mexico is one of our new favorites. If you liked our Costa Rica Black Honey, you'll love this complex coffee. It has a rich flavor with a balanced bitterness and sweet, herbal aroma. 

Innovative Hybrid Natural Honey Processed Coffee

Finca Corahe has been operating for over five decades and focuses on naturally processed lots. Rigoberto Cordova specializes in specialty/experimental lots, which resulted in creating alternatives to washed processing methods to increase sustainability. The result is Cordova's own innovative hybrid process, which involves mixing the natural and honey process. The design and creation of cherry coffee dehydration equipment to control all the variables, aka not depending on weather conditions. Pretty cool!

Grower: Rigoberto Cordova (Finca Corahe)
Variety: Sarchimor, Colombia
Region: Zentla, Vera Cruz, Mexico
Harvest: November – March
Altitude: 1400 masl
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: Natural Honey (Natural Honey of Anaerobic Fermentation in cherry with a range from 180 to 450 hours)

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