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Mexico Natural Processed Coffee Home Delivery

This natural process coffee from Mexico is smooth with a velvety texture. It has slight floral notes and a nice tropical sweetness. Fair trade imported from Crop to Cup. 

Natural Coffee from Santa Cruz Ozolotepec Mexico

The ‘Free Producers of Santa Cruz Ozolotepec’ are 12 neighboring families who live outside of Santa Cruz Ozolotepec. Each was selected by Frida Mendoza of Terra Coffea Mexico, who has worked with these families for up to 15 years, for their location and plot management. During peak harvest these farmers notify Frida a day in which they think they can have the most, most ripe cherries. At that time Frida sends out a truck to collect these cherries and bring them back for processing in Oaxaca using a dedicated line of temperature controlled tanks for fermentation. This hardware was purchased to be a laboratory on post-harvest processing, each year using the best lessons from cuppings to inform the recipe for the year to come.

Grower: Grupo de Trabajo Sierra Sur Ozolotepec
Variety: La Pluma Typica, Bourbon
Region: Zentla, Vera Cruz, Mexico
Harvest: Dec - Feb
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: Natural 

Premium Mexico Natural Coffee to Your Door

Mexico is for coffee lovers. Few origins offer such variety and such competency. While often overlooked by their neighbors to the north, Mexico is the world’s 7th largest coffee producer, the largest exporter of organic coffees, and a fast-growing consumers of specialty coffee.

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