Roasting Coffees From The Americas

Roasting Exemplary Coffees From The Americas

Coffees from North, Central, and South America are generally lighter and can usually offer bright, clean flavors.

We have new varieties in our roastery from the Americas which are some of our favorites right now. Each has its own distinct flavor profile and exemplify why we love these beans from our neighbors to south. 

3 Exemplary Coffees From The Americas Currently In Our Roaster:

Read on to learn more about each of these coffees and why we are proud to offer them in our carefully curated selection of house-roasted coffee beans.

Ben & Jake from Crop to Cup with coffee producers in Mexico
(photo courtesy: Crop to Cup)

Natural Mexico

This special coffee is a direct trade microlot from Crop to Cup and sourced from Guerrero, Mexico from a single family finca. It has delicious berry, almond, and cocoa flavor notes.

Natural organic Mexico coffee
(photo courtesy: Crop to Cup)

The community and story behind this particular coffee are both wonderful to share. If you ever have any doubt about these folks dedication to creating quality coffee, read the origin report, "Dreaming of a Better Bean" where Ben Heins tells the story behind these beans.

These coffee producers have a passion to improve their crop year after year that really shines through in the cup and we can't wait to see what the next harvest brings!

Near "Devils Pillar" in Mexico
(photo courtesy: Crop to Cup)

Nicaragua Organic

Our newest varietal from Nicaragua is an organic bean sourced from Grupo Eden in Esteli, Nicaragua. This harvest, like most from the region, is fully washed and so it has a mild, bright flavor.

It is a classic clean and crisp Central American coffee.

(photo courtesy: Royal Coffee)

Colombia Organic Tolima

Our new medium roast Colombia features a very special Tolima Vino Y Oro bean. This fully washed certified organic harvest from family-owned farms organized around the Asociación de Productores Comercializadores Agropecuarios de Cafes Especiales (SURCAFES) is exported in collaboration with Lohas Beans. 

Tolima, Colombia map
(photo courtesy: Royal Coffee)

Lohas Beans has helped it's members collaborate with the specialty coffee market to help ensure coffee producers receive fair prices for their beans. This enables its members and farmers to reinvest in their farms and provide for their families and communities. Members also gain access to technical support for best agricultural practices and innovative coffee processing methods. 

El Limon near Tolima, Colombia from Royal Coffee and Lohas Beans 
(photo courtesy: Royal Coffee)

We are proud to feature this exemplary South American coffee as our current medium roast Colombia every where it is served.

These are only a few of the many single-origin coffees we roast fresh in-house every week.

Browse our coffee collection online any time or visit our cafe in Westlake and one of our baristas will be happy to help you find the bean that's right for you. We have a coffee for everyone!

Roasting Coffee From The Americas with Trianon Coffee

About Trianon

Trianon Coffee has been serving its own fresh roasted coffee since 1985. Organics, microlots, and custom blends are roasted in small batches and delivered fresh. Visit our cafe in Austin, Texas or browse our coffees online.


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