April Coffee Buzz

What's the Buzz this April?

Everyone has been asking, "What's going on with the cafe?" While we still don't have a date set, we are getting closer to re-opening Trianon Coffee. Our permits are complete and construction will begin next week. We can't wait to welcome you all back into our cafe later this summer. Watch this blog for build-out updates.

In the meantime, we need your support! Please help by buying Trianon Coffee beans online. We deliver to home or office & ship nationwide.

Got a big event coming up? Ask about our coffee catering!

Please share Trianon Coffee with your family & friends and check out these new microlot coffees that just arrived at the roaster.


NEW: Kenya Kanake Trianon Coffee 

Kenya Kanake Trianon Coffee

Our new Kenya Kanake is a truly exceptional Nyeri coffee that's exquisitely processed and has a bright, well-balanced flavor.


NEW: Uganda Bugisu Bulaago Trianon Coffee 

Uganda Bugisu Bulaago Trianon Coffee

This direct trade coffee is heavy bodied, but easily drinkable. It has wonderful vanilla notes with stone fruit sweetness.


Also new this month, Trianon Coffee has launched a new YouTube channel. We have a goal to reach 100 subscribers, so please watch and subscribe!


Thanks for reading. Be sure to watch this space for more updates about our build-out and our coffees and our team.

The Trianon Coffee Team

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