Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

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Hario V60 Coffee Dripper

The Hario V60 Coffee Dripper is one of our favorite brewing methods for almost any situation. We offer the V60 Dripper the classic mid-size Size 02, in both plastic and ceramic. Plastic brewers offer impeccable temperature stability and rugged resilience, while ceramic shows off Hario’s long history of high-quality work.

V60 Coffee Dripper is Classic Coffee Mainstay

Over a decade ago Hario made its mark on pour over brewing with the V60 dripper, and ever since then the brewer has been one of the most recognizable icons of delicious manually brewed coffee. Its accessibility as a brewer is evidenced by its widespread use in both home and cafe, trusted by pros and enthusiasts alike to produce clean cups that highlight the best of whatever roasted coffee they’re using. With so much history behind this brewer you can trust that you can find tips, recipes, and support galore for all of your Hario V60 needs.

Control Your Brew With a V60 Coffee Dripper 

Using design elements like its 60° cone angle, large single outlet, and swirling ribs inside of the brewer, the V60 is made to brew quality extractions time and time again, while those same elements give you surprising control over elements like flow rate through the brewer and total contact time. Pair that with the other controls that come with a manual brewer—recipe, temperature, grind setting, and more—and you get dynamic control over your coffee beyond what nearly any other brewing method can provide.


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