Hario v60 Buono Electric Kettle

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Hario V60 Buono Electric Kettle - 0.8 Liter

Adding an electric base for quick boiling on its own, this kettle is everything you love about the Hario Buono now made more convenient for all of your pour over needs.

Classic design, perfect pour

Featuring a slim gooseneck spout for consistent pour control, iconic beehive-styling constructed from stainless steel, and a comfortable molded plastic handle, you get all of the Buono features you love—pair that with quick boil times, auto-off functionality, and boil dry protection, and you get a kettle prepared for all of your pour over needs without the bells, whistles, gizmos, or gadgets that can overcomplicate the process.

Hario V60 Buono Electric Kettle  

This electrified counterpart to the hugely popular Hario Buono takes everything that's made the stovetop version so popular and pairs that with a heating element for self-contained convenience or a travel-friendly brewing set up.


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