Brazil Mogiana

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This pulped natural coffee bean is mild and sweet with hints of praline and roasted hazelnut. One of our mildest coffees.

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Our Brazil Mogiana coffee beans are sourced from family owned farms organized around the Cooperativa Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupé located in the Mogiana growing region, which is split between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Mogiana region is the most renowned of three major Brazilian growing regions. This region has rolling hills and uneven terrain lending to farms that are small to medium in size. 

Grower: Cooperativa Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupé (Cooxupé) | 14000 members
Variety: Bourbon, Mondo Novo hybrid
Region: The Mogiana region, an area along the border of the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil
Harvest: May - August
Altitude: 800-1200 masl
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: Full natural and dried in the sun and mechanical driers

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All Trianon coffee is locally roasted in Austin, Texas. Coffee ships directly to your door. Family-owned. Community minded. Fast Shipping.

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