Trianon's Fresh New Grounds

Thanks for your patience with our long hiatus over the summer!

We've been hard at work building out our new location at 3654 Bee Cave Road and it's really starting to come together. We hope to be welcoming you into our new space in October.

In the meantime, we wanted to share a construction update to keep everyone in the loop. Read on to learn what's happening at Westlake's favorite coffee joint's new grounds. 

What started out as an empty shell used to be the former home of Tangra Elite Athletics. While it's in the perfect location in Westlake, it needed a lot of work to become a new home for Trianon Coffee.

 Former interior of the now closed Tangra Elite Athletics (credit: Tangra Elite Athletics on Yelp)
Former interior of the now closed Tangra Elite Athletics

Because we wanted to be able to serve our customers food and beverages, a little lot of extra plumbing needed to take place before the real work could begin. 


Thanks to some excellent engineering, our new location will be able to offer a considerably expanded lunch menu. Plus, instead of having breakfast items until only 11am--we can now have breakfast tacos ALL DAY LONG! 

Once that was complete, the team at Lovejoy Construction could really get to work.

Interior view of new location of Trianon Coffee during renovations
Inside the new location Trianon Coffee during renovations - "Hi Emile"

Now we've got walls and we're ready for the new counter to go in! The youngest member of #TeamTrianon has some feelings about that.

Walls going up with the help of the co-owner's daughter during the renovations of Trianon Coffee in summer 2018
New location of Trianon Coffee under renovations during 2018

One of the best parts of our new larger space is the fact that we will have twice the conference rooms for community meetings and groups. We know many of you have been asking about the reservation calendar. We will be reaching out to those groups with standing reservations to get you set up as soon as possible.

Sneak peek of large reservable conference room under construction
One of two meeting spaces planned in the new Trianon Coffee cafe

In addition to an expanded menu, we've also been working on making Trianon Coffee even more inviting as a place to simply "hang out". The talented team at High Contrast Design House is putting together a fresh new look with great details.

New look is coming together! We love it and can't wait to share our new space with y'all. Re-opening date will be announced soon. #austincoffeeshop #reopeningsoon #Repost @highcontrastdesignhouse ・・・ We are THRILLED to give you the first real #sneakpeek of the new @trianoncoffee #TriHouse coming soon to #westlakevillage/#austintexas! Inspiration came from a tree (or, Tri...get it?) - the branches, the shadows, the canopy - and the rain that gives the tree life. I abstracted these natural things to create fierce geometry, graphic excitement, & visual rhythm, and I am so thrilled with the progress!! Stay tuned for more! #goboldorgohome . . . . . . . #interiors #interiordesign #interiordesignatx #interiorinspo #inspiredbynature #coffeehouse #coffeeshop #coffeehousedesign #coffeeshopdesign #restaurantdesign #liveworkplaystay #highcontrastdesignhouse

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Want to know about our inspiration for the new look? Stay tuned for more about the story behind the design in future posts and subscribe to our email list for updates.

One of the things that WON'T be changing about Trianon Coffee is our people. We are thrilled to be welcoming back many of the staff you know and love. Some of them will have exciting news of their own to share with you too as our Trianon Family "tree" continues to grow. 😉 More staff updates will be coming soon.

 An actual review written by one of our customers on Google
We can't wait to welcome you back again in the cafe starting in October 2018

The community of Westlake has been our home since 1985. We want to thank everyone who has taken the time to come by and say hello at one of our events or order coffee beans online. Your support means so much to us! We can't wait to serve you again!

In the meantime, please continue to order our fresh roasted coffee beans right here on this website. If you are already brewing Trianon Coffee at home, please share us with your friends, family, and co-workers. Coffee makes great gifts and we ship nationwide!

Browse our available coffees online and order soon, as some coffees have limited quantities. 



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