Trianon Coffee Reward App Now Available

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In a hurry? No need to worry – introducing the Trianon Coffee Reward app, a new way to order your favorite beverages from Trianon Coffee!

Mobile Order Now Available

Mobile order is now available for some of our most popular items. Now you can order ahead of time or schedule a pick-up in advance. Choose from our wide selection of drinks, snacks, and bagged coffee beans to enjoy. Get creative with our large variety of milk, flavors, espresso, and unique add-ons! The coffee drink of your dreams is waiting on you. This app is also perfect for all the creatures of habit out there. Reorder past orders with only a press of a button. Goodbye to standing in long lines or reciting complicated coffee orders!

Trianon Coffee Rewards Program

If you’re already a member of our rewards program, sign up for our mobile app using your phone number, and your points will synchronize into the app. If you don't have an account yet, don't worry! Sign up now, and you’ll earn $2 OFF your first order.

Join the club and download the free Trianon Coffee Reward app available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store


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