New Video Tells Our Story


Last month, our Trianon Coffee team had an opportunity to work with a professional filmaker to tell our story. As many of you know, our coffee shop is still under renovations for our grand re-opening, so that was not going to be a good potential location in which to film.

Luckily, our coffee roastery is still in full operation!

Located in Austin off E St. Elmo road near (512) Brewery and The Yard, our wholesale coffee roasting facility provides fresh roasted coffee beans to a number of Austin restaurants, food trucks, professional offices, and catered events.

Anna on set in April at Trianon Coffee photoshoot

Having a film crew onsite to document their roasting process was a new experience for the close-knit Trianon roasting team. 

Quiet on the set at Trianon Coffee's roasting facility

The video focuses on Trianon's story as a local independent coffee company and is told by a face many regulars will recognize.

Charles Emile Lauriat originally apprenticed under Edmond Bazerghi 15 years ago and has been the man behind the beans ever since.

Charles narrates Trianon Coffee's new video

Watch the video to learn more about Trianon Coffee's story and see a little bit of the process behind how we create your favorite coffees.

Don't miss any of the action inside the coffeeshop by subscribing to our YouTube channel. And let us know what kind of videos you would like to see us create.


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