Coffee and Beer: TriRoCo and Oasis TX Brewing

So you’re stranded on a desert isle…Coffee or Beer?

You know the old question. If you had to pick one thing to have on a desert island what would it be? OK, well we’ve narrowed it down to coffee and beer for this discussion, and hopefully you are not *actually* stranded on an island. So which would you pick as your preferred beverage? Did you vote in our poll? Vote on our Page!

New Beer Featuring TriRoCo Coffee

Now you don’t have to choose!! TriRoCo is proud to be partnered with the Oasis Texas Brewing Co. Their newest rendition of Early Morning Shakes is due to hit their taproom soon and features a hefty dose of coffee from TriRoCo! In an evolving recipe from previous collaborations, Organic Uganda and Organic Bali were infused with their brew in a top secret process known only to Kirby, Spencer and their team of brewers.*

The result is a crisp and refreshing pale ale that boggles the senses. Light in color, but with a huge coffee nose usually associated with darker beers.  Juicy Citra hops come through at first sip, followed by more Uganda and Bali coffee finish.  A true sensory thrill ride. Easy going enough for the light beer drinkers but quirky enough for the beer-snobs (that’s Me), this year’s batch is sure to enliven the senses and hopefully stop the tremors!

Why Coffee and Beer?

Coffee is one of the many roast profiles for roasted barley used in brewing beer. Historically, coffee is used in darker beers highlighting malt roast profiles that already feature coffee. One of the fun things about working with the Oasis Texas Brewing Company is that they're putting coffee in a pale ale, something not often done.


Where to Find Early Morning Shakes Pale Ale

You can find most of the Oasis Texas Brewing Company’s beers in bars, restaurants and stores all over Central Texas but you have to visit the brewery for the best experience. Look for Early Morning Shakes at the brewery in the next couple weeks and at select draft beer establishments around town soon. Ask for it by name. Tell them Coffeebeard sent you. They will have no idea what that means.

You can find all of the coffees roasted by Coffeebeard at, including the Uganda and the Bali. Visit often, drink daily

Your pontificator in all things coffee,

ATX CoffeeBeard  (|:-{)}}

* While I’m no scientist, I think it’s safe to say osmosis is involved. In a future post, I go deeper into the brewing processing itself and how and where coffee flavors are involved.


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