Honduras Lempira

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Our Honduras Lempira is an extremely limited, high quality lot with cherry, vanilla, and milk chocolate flavor notes sourced from single farmer, Marvin Bonilla.
GrowerMarvin Bonilla
Variety: Catuai, Ihcafe 90, and Lempira
RegionSanta Cruz, Lempira, Honduras
Harvest: December - March
Altitude: 1300 meters
Soil: Clay minerals
ProcessFully washed and dried in the sun
Honduras Lempira Marvin Bonilla SHG EP is sourced from Marvin Bonilla and his three-member family. Marvin produced this coffee on his 61.5-acre farm located in the community of Loma Limpia in municipality of Santa Cruz within the department of Lempira, Honduras. Marvin has been farming for 11 years and uses his own mill to processes harvested cherries, which allows for meticulous care in depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. Marvin collaborates with an export company called BICAFE, which operates a warehouse and dry-mill in Santa Rosa de Copan. Weather conditions in Santa Rosa are ideal for storing parchment and the dry-mill is specifically designed for sorting high quality micro-lots.