Nepal Lekali Estate

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VERY LIMITED EDITION Nepal Lekali Estate coffee is back again this year!

Tasting notes: Uniquely savory coffee with hints of light citrus and rosewater.

Lekali Coffee is the only specialty coffee farm in Nepal and is a delicious example of the emerging coffee culture of this South Asian country. Using only organic fertizilers, and experimenting with a variety of Arabica varietals, Lekali Coffee Estate has been focused on quality improvement and building long-term solutions for their local community.

This very limited coffee will only be available for a short time. 

Direct trade microlot from Crop to Cup (C2C):

"Commercial cultivation of coffee in Nepal only began in the 80's as a secondary cash crop behind tea. This is interesting, because farm-gate prices here are as high as the Himalayas. Think Kona or Blue Mountain. The high cost of production is due to expensive logistics and, mostly, inflation, which contribute more to the price than brand name."

Elevation: 1300 - 1600 meters
Region: Bhirkune, Madanpur
Country: Nepal
Process: Fully washed

SCAA 87 pts
Aroma: Cherry, cookie, grapefruit lime
Cup: Marshmallow, orange, cream, bright & sweet, deep fruits

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