Ethiopia Organic Biftu Gudina

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Juicy body with blackberry and clove. Medium heavy body, with tremendous lemon acidity and a nice, long finish. This is one of Emile's favorite coffees. Now ORGANIC!

Direct trade microlot from Crop to Cup (C2C):

World class coffee from Ethiopia's Agaro Region
Biftu Gudina Cooperative operates in a remote pocket of the Agaro Region in Western Ethiopia. There are no all-season roads, so as recently as 2012 farmers would walk their cherries over 5 miles to the nearest town, Beshesha. On the way, cherry would bruise, break and over-ferment resulting in poor prices. When the Coop was founded in '12 it immediately built a wet-mill and constructed a gravel road connecting the mill to Beshesha - with assistance from Technoserve.

Today 155 members within a 2.5 mile radius deliver cherry to their own washing station. Meticulous processing leads to a floral, bright, honeyed cup that shines as an example of world-class coffee from Ethiopia’s western frontier. Perhaps it is appropriate that Biftu in the Oromo language means ‘morning sun’ and Gudina means ‘growth/development’. Whether we are talking about the cup or the community we would agree that "bright development" comes to mind.

Elevation: 5,900 - 6,100 ft
Harvest Cycle: Nov - Feb
No. Farmers: 155
Total Produced: +/- 600 Bags
Lot Separation: n/a
Varietals: Heirloom varietals
Washing Method: Fully Washed
Drying Method: Dried 10-14 days on raised beds

SCAA 88.25
Aroma: Cardamom, dark fruit, citrus
Cup: Honey, apricot, tangerine, crisp acidity with background berries. Complex, delicate, focused, light body.